If I am outside of my warranty, can you still repair my SCUF?

Of course we can!  We will service your SCUF for as long as you own it! The cost of each repair or upgrade is determined on a case-by-case basis, but most of our pricing is in line with the cost of the options on our website.  Once your SCUF is repaired and tested by our SCUF technicians, we'll send you an email with the shipping information.  All repairs are covered under our 90-day Limited Warranty

Please be sure to fill out all the information related to the controller you are sending back. We recommend that you use a traceable shipping service when sending us your controller.

Ship To:

Scuf Gaming
3970 Johns Creek Court STE 325
Suwanne, GA 30024

Be sure to fill out the linked form using as much detail as possible.
Please include the form with your shipment.

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