SCUF Grip .vs. Pro Grip; What's the difference?

SCUF Grip is a military- grade rubber coating that covers the back side of the controller for texturized feel that is cool to the touch and allows the controller to adhere more securely to the hands.  If you do not want the entire back of the controller coated with SCUF grip, we also offer SCUF grip handles for the SCUF One controller, so that the grip is only maintained where your palms are touching the controller.

The Pro Grip is a softer rubber that coats the back of the handles, allowing your fingers to conform comfortably for a better handle on the controller.  

We offer the SCUF Grip +Pro Grip combo for the best of both worlds; the definitive security and control of SCUF Grip along the back of the controller matched with the soft logo-embossed Pro Grip handles.

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