My headset adapter does not fit into my SCUF One.

This issue is easy to solve:

For two paddle SCUF controllers:  Simply insert your chat adapter at a slight-upward angle and insert it into your SCUF One headset port. This may require a bit more force than anticipated, but please do not use excessive force as that can damage the internal board. Make sure the adapter is entirely plugged in to the headset port so your audio can be heard as you play in-game. Please refer to the video alongside this explanation to see the instructions step by step:

For four paddle SCUF controllers:  We developed our four paddle SCUF controller before the newest third-party headset adapters were released.  Unfortunately, these third-party headset companies din't take into account our four paddle configuration.  We design all SCUF products to work with standard Microsoft products and cannot guarantee that all third-party products will work with our controllers.


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