My SCUF One Triggers aren't working.

First confirm whether or not your controller has been fitted with SCUF Trigger Stops or SCUF FPS Trigger Grips.

Trigger Stops:

The SCUF trigger stops are optimized for Call of Duty, but may cause functionality issues in other games.  If the trigger stops are causing issues with your chosen game, you'll need to remove them using the tools supplied with your SCUF controller.  Please also consult the instructional insert that was supplied with your SCUF controller.

FPS Trigger Grips:

If your controller has been configured with SCUF FPS Trigger Grips, you'll need to remove the handles and replace them with standard SCUF Pro Grip handles or standard Microsoft supplied handles.

If your controller hasn't been configured with either SCUF Trigger Stops or SCUF FPS Trigger Grips and you're still experiencing problems, please contact our repair department by clicking the "Submit a Request" button at the top of this page.

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