Xbox Infinity1 Unintentional Function Engagement

Typical related issues are as follows: L3 engages Left Trigger,  L3 not engaging (can’t sprint) and/or ‘A’ button engaging Right Trigger. 


This issue occurs when the Adjustable Trigger Screw is tightened all the way in (often where you cannot see the silver screw). Tightening the Adjustable Trigger Screw against the trigger mechanism can cause functions to engage or have more trouble than usual to engage. To resolve this issue: Unscrew the Adjustable Trigger Screw to a point where you can visibly see the silver of the screw once again. This will allow a fuller range of trigger range and in most cases, resolves the issues listed above. 

If you are still having similar issues after adjustments are made, you will need to send the controller in for inspections and possible repairsPlease be sure to fill out all the information related to the controller you are sending back. We recommend that you use a traceable shipping service when sending us your controller.

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