How do I change my rings or thumbsticks?

Step 1 - Place the SCUF Infinity Lock over the Infinity Ring and Thumbstick on the controller. Line up the notches on the lock with the grooves on the ring. The notches on the bottom of the Infinity lock will insert into the grooves of the Infinity Ring.
Step 2 - When the lock and ring are lined up, turn the lock counter clockwise until movement stops. Pull straight up on the thumbstick to remove both the ring and the thumbstick at the same time.
Step 3 - Once the ring and thumbstick have been removed from the controller, replace with a new thumbstick of your choice. When placing a new thumbstick into your SCUF Infinity4PS, be sure to line up the thumbstick on the thumbstick shaft to ensure correct placement. The thumbstick will lock into place on the controller.
Step 4 - Use your SCUF Infinity Lock to secure the ring in place by turning the lock clockwise until movement stops.

NOTE: For easiest install ensure the SCUF logo is facing the correct direction (see attached for picture diagram).

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