One of my paddles clicks louder than the other one

If you are experiencing this with your controller you will be able to resolve the difference in click audibility by adjusting the angle of the paddle during installation.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Remove both paddle screws along with the paddle. Please use caution as this can risk stripping the thread.

  2. Place the paddle against the controller and screw in the top screw only (fully tightened and firmly secured).

NOTE: Ensure you do not overtighten your screws as this may strip the threading or lead to excess wear on the paddle hole which could lead to a fracture in the paddle itself.

  1. Ensure the paddle is straight and flat when inserting into the paddle canal. Test the “click” that is currently present. Adjust the paddle to be angled slightly inward or outward, continuing to test the sound of the click until audibly similar.

  2. (The top screw must be screwed in first before the bottom screw). Hold the paddle in position and tighten the bottom screw. The bottom screw should not be as tight as the top paddle screw but still securely fastened in place.

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